mam113 – Pushmi-Pullyu – SLEEPYHEAD//LITTLESECRETS

mam113 - Pushmi-Pullyu - SLEEPYHEAD//LITTLESECRETS

SLEEPYHEAD//LITTLESECRETS is the new mashup mini-ep / single by Pushmi-Pullyu, currently available only via download code.  In this release, Pushmi-Pullyu remixes two Passion Pit songs, combining them with other songs to create crazy new tracks.

Editor’s Note:
Available at live shows and from Pushmi-Pullyu themselves.  Album art by John Praw Kruse, loosely based on an original design used by Passion Pit.

Neither mam!records nor Pushmi-Pullyu claim ownership of material by artists other than Pushmi-Pullyu.  mam!records only retains the right to original instrumentation used in these tracks. 

This material is not for sale and is distributed exclusively as a technical demonstration.

Track List:
01.  Let Me Smell Yo’ Little Secrets (Passion Pit + Riskay)
02.  No Sleepycity (Passion Pit + Aesop Rock & co)

Release Date:
19 June 2010

Click here to redeem your download code.


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