mam109 – Castles – Howl IV

mam109 - Castles - Howl IV

A year and a half in the making, Castles makes his long-awaited return to mam!records with Howl IV.  Everything about this album makes Castles bigger and better than ever.  Castles combines solid folk song-writing with experiments in instrumentation and theme.

Editor’s Note:
This very special album is released in conjunction with the Bread King Collective and comes with a mam!records exclusive bonus EP titled “Black Hole or No Black Hole.”  Make sure to download that here.

Download the lyric book here.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Cass and Natty “Elf Queen” Toth.

Album art by John Praw Kruse; photo by Cassidy J. David-Weber the first.

Track List:
01.  Damaged
02.  The Serpent
03.  Life in the Jungle
04.  Cloud of Unknowing
05.  Ode to Dead Deer in Frog Pond
06.  Howl III
07.  The Crystal Orb
08.  Endgame
09.  Ponycloud
10.  Oath-Keeper
11.  Slayer

Release Date:
16 June 2010

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