mam107 – Fambly Fun! – Math In Space

mam107 - Fambly Fun! - Math in Space

Wisconsin-based mam!records supergroup Fambly Fun! is back with the follow up to their debut release.  This time, the Fambly is bigger and better than ever with their brand of crazy hip-hop.  Math In Space – a concept album – features the Fambly rapping about the love between a man and a planet, ill-spitting killer whales, street hockey matches with Kim Jong-Il, and much, much more.

Editor’s Note:
We know this isn’t the normal fare for mam!records releases, but everyone likes to have some fun now and then.  And this album certainly is fun.  We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it.

Album art by John Praw Kruse.

Warning to sensitive listeners: some tracks feature explicit lyrics.

Track List:
01.  Welcome To Space
02.  The Sun Is The One!
03.  Lounge Mother Fucking Lizard
04.  Dorkling 1999
05.  The Hex
06.  Science (Love Is In The Formula)
07.  Dear Pluto
08.  Sum ‘Er Time
09.  End Credits (Space Is Infinite)

Release Date:
1 June 2010

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