mam103 – Saiga – Agree To Disagree

mam103 - Saiga - Saiga EP

Once again, mam!records brings you the first released sounds of a new project. This time, it’s London-based three piece post-rock outfit Saiga. That’s right – only on mam!records will you get two London debut EPs in one day.

Saiga combines modern post-rock with diverse sounds, ranging from jazz to blues, psychedelic to metal, and good old rock-n-roll. You really have to hear it to see how wonderfully they put all of these sounds together. Lend them your ears.

Editor’s Note:
Today’s release was fast-tracked to coincide with a special release show Saiga is playing tonight, and boy is this ever perfect timing!  Two amazing debut EPs in one day, and both of them come from London – two completely separate yet equally awesome worlds within one city.

If you like what you hear here, check back on July 6th.  We’ll be releasing Sam Thomas’ amazing art project / album titled “Continuous Soundtrack.”  He’s in this band.

Track List:
01.  Carl Anderson
02.  Outside Over There
03.  Blues In E
04.  Considine

Release Date:
11 May, 2010

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8 thoughts on “mam103 – Saiga – Agree To Disagree

  1. This is kinda nice… Interesting how one and the same band plays post-rock and Sabbath-esque songs (like the first one). I bet these guys are fun to see live.

    This gets bonus points for avoiding the kitsch/all-epic post-rock sound (MONO, GIAA, I’m looking at you) and still keep a bit of roughness. I don’t quite hear the jazz tough (which is alright, might be a bit too much).

    Blues In E has an amazing guitar fuzz sound…

    Considine is pretty, too. Sounds a bit like Russian Circles… okay sounds a lot like (old) Russian Circles but that’s definetly a good thing.
    Just a bit rougher again… but yeah i guess that’s the point.

    Is it me or am I kinda writing a review for this one already.

    • Yes, you are, and I love it. :)

      I almost missed out on getting this release up. Very busy lately, and it slipped through the cracks. But we’ve got it out now, and there’s nothing like a GOOD surprise release.

      As for the jazz, you’re right. It’s at least one of the lesser sounds in here. But the guys do credit it as one of their influences, and I kind of hear it now and then, in an almost Jaga Jazzist kind of way. It covers a lot of ground, and they do it well, so it’s hard to pinpoint everything they get to.

      I will say, I’ve listened to it three times now, and it is definitely one of those releases you think you understand, until you listen to it again and it really starts to sink in.

    • I think you’ll really enjoy Sam’s “Continuous Soundtrack” release if you liked this. It’s got less of the heavy influences, but you can certainly hear that Sam has a hand in writing both.

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