mam101 – mam!records rainy day mixtape vol. 3

mam101 - rainy day mixtape vol. 3

mam101 – If you’re new to mam!records, this is the place to start. After 100 releases involving over 70 artists, mam!records has come a long way. As a toast to the next one hundred releases, mam!records founder John Praw Kruse picks a handful of his favorite tracks from the back catalog of releases.

Editor’s Note:
Cover photo by Robert Schultze.   Edited by John Praw Kruse.

Track List:
01.  Waltz – Hero Worship
02.  Fourteen Twentysix – After The Storm
03.  Electric Sea Spider – Rico’s Theme
04.  K. Wilhelm – Stare Into The Lights (Featuring The Belief-Action Nexus)
05.  Pushmi-Pullyu – Where We First Sat (Pokket Remix)
06.  dné – Bare Flower In Vain
07.  Amy Hiller – So For Now
08.  Castles – Howl II
09.  Dirty Wedding – Untitled Love Song 2
10.  On Earth – Oak
11.  Wild Dogs In Winter – The Butcher’s Wife
12.  Dad School – Snake Oil
13.  Mósslonnrós – Last Inch 0f Snow to Fall
14.  Given Willingly – Wondrous Birds (On Travel Remix)
15.  Eskimeaux – In Our Bed, a Boat (Motorcycle Maus Remix)
16.  The Enright House – Death And Unexploded Dreams (Alpha)

Release Date:
4 May 2010

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5 thoughts on “mam101 – mam!records rainy day mixtape vol. 3

    • It’s a really great track. I actually had a different one selected for the two of you, but I realized I could get more artists on the comp if I used a few collab / remix tracks. I’m really happy with how this disc turned out.

      You and Corey should make music again sometime.

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