mam097 – Synthia / Given Willingly – Impressive Remembrance

mam097 - Synthia / Given Willingly - Impressive Remembrance

Two mam!records regulars, Synthia and Given Willingly, have come together to give us twenty solid tracks in this new split. Originally released on another net label, we’re proud to re-release Impressive Remembrance here with four new bonus tracks. The tracks all have a smooth electronic feel, with beats ranging from ambient chill to hip-hop, from idm to minimal techno.

Editor’s Note:

We are really excited to bring this re-release to you.  Synthia and Given Willingly are loyal members of this and other net-labels, and we look forward to whatever they come out with.  Click the link above for all of the download options.

Track List:
01.  Synthia – Please Stand By… Someone Will Be With You Shortly
02.  Synthia – Think Sandcastles, Only Bigger And Made Of Rocks
03.  Synthia – More Than Medi-Chlorians
04.  Synthia – Water, Water Everywhere
05.  Synthia – Stereochromatic
06.  Synthia – The Times They Are New Roman
07.  Synthia – Helpful Tips For Exploring Neptune (And Beyond)
08.  Synthia – I’ll Ruin You Like I Ruined Jeff’s Sweater

09. Given Willingly – Muscle Car Off A Cliff
10.  Given Willingly – They Feed On Fear And Crap Sorrow
11.  Given Willingly – It’s Never The Right Moment
12.  Given Willingly – Knightride The Lightning
13.  Given Willingly – Get Up, Get Dressed, Put Yourself Back Together
14.  Given Willingly – Avast! Ye Be Movin’ To The Groovin’
15.  Given Willingly – Dancin’ A Deux (After The Club)
16.  Given Willingly – Life Happens At 60BPM

17.  Synthia – Flux Capacitor
18.  Synthia – Grey (Doesn’t) Matter

19.  Given Willingly – CaSO4·2H2O (elay elay)
20.  Given Willingly – Killing Minions At Random

Released Date:
4 March 2010

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)

mam097 – Synthia / Given Willingly – Impressive Remembrance


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