mam087 – K. Wilhelm – Caffeine LP

K. Wilhelm’s full-length, Caffeine LP, serves as a sort of sampler of various works released and unreleased until now. Instead of just collecting tracks together for this full-length release, K. Wilhelm reworked and remastered most of the tracks.

Editor’s Note:
Limited edition of ~100 CD-rs.

Track List:
01.  Holy Water
02.  Don’t You Tell Me
03.  Cheater and the Wolf
04.  This Gun’s For Shooting Stars
05.  Stare Into The Lights (Feat. The Belief-Action Nexus)
06.  Vent D’Hiver
07.  I’ll Search The City
08.  Sink Into the Sea
09.  Like Your Last
10.  Creep (Cover)
11.  Try
12.  Stay Now
13.  I Know You’re Trying
14.  Holy Water (Alternative Version)
15.  They Will Come For Me

Release Date:
2 October 2009

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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