mam083 – Goldyne – Goldyne EP

Goldyne returns to mam!records with this bizarrely coherent set of tracks that some manage to combine distorted electronics, guitars and reverbed vocals into something that’s not quite freakfolk yet not quite experimetnal electronics. You have to hear it for yourself

Editor’s Note:
After the release of this EP, Goldyne changed its name and then disappeared completely.  If you know where Goldyne went and/or are Goldyne, comment below. We miss you.

Track List:
01.  somethingeverythingnothing
02.  funkblasted
03.  arsenic and old lace
04.  daily chores
05.  ball game
06.  untitled 2
07.  external drive elimination
08.  money thats what i want
09.  ball game second inning
10.  untitled 1

Release Date:
2 October 2009

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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