mam056 – [praw] + On Travel – The War Begins

This is the long-awaited collaboration between Wisconsin-based [praw] and South Africa-based On Travel.  The two artists worked back and forth over the internet for months developing this collaborative effort, featuring just over an hour of original material that tells the tale of the beginning of an epic and horrible war.

Editor’s Note:
This release is now offered in lossless formats via Project: mam!restoration.

Track List:
01.  [praw] + On Travel – Prelude
02.  On Travel – He Claims He Sees Dead Grass And Yellowish Trees
03.  [praw] + On Travel – Rack And Ruin
04.  [praw] – Spoons In A Bag
05.  [praw] + On Travel – Yellow Paper Green Can White Bottle
06.  On Travel – Sullen Faces White As Chalk
07.  [praw] + On Travel – Has This Epic Struggle Just Begun?
08.  [praw] – Panic

Released Date:
30 October 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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