mam048 – [praw] & Gaels – [praw] & Gaels Split

In this long-awaited split, [praw] and Gaels each offer five tracks of outstanding ambient sounds. Gaels is at his finest here, especially on the track “Echoes”. [praw] has used his half of the split as a chance to display several tracks that haven’t found a home on any other release. Of note on [praw]’s side of the split is “I stripped down to nothing.”

Track List:
01.  Gaels – Aimless
02.  Gaels – Echoes
03.  Gaels – Flurries
04.  Gaels – Zion
05.  Gaels – Blue Dawn

06.  [praw] – You know what it’s like to be a tree?
07.  [praw] – It got lost in the shuffle
08.  [praw] – Papouli died and Jessie cried
09.  [praw] – And she sang like I knew her name
10.  [praw] -I stripped down to nothing

Released Date:
11 September 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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