mam038 – Waltz – Comascapes

Waltz comes to mam!records for his first new release after this label re-released his first two albums under the Waltz moniker. His style is that of an eclectic journey that holds its own against its peers. A beautiful mix of ambient, electronic, heavy beats, and orchestral sounds will swirl through your ears and into your dreams. The highlight of the album (for me) is the second track, Sonic Photographer.

Included with this release is a series of wonderfully orchestrated fractal images by the same artist.

Track List:
01.  Terra Blitz
02.  Sonic Photographer
03.  Benthic Zone
04.  Atlas Smashed
05.  Tectonics
06.  Psalm of Orogeny
07.  Hausdorff Dimension
08.  Snow of Detritus
09.  Sierpinski Triangle
10.  Arecaceae Winds

Released Date:
4 July 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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