mam035 – [praw] – Playing Magnificats

Project: mam!restoration

Ambient choral pieces made from the voices of Arvo Pärt’s seven Magnifcat Antiphonens. Voices are heavily manipulated and chopped to make beautiful, flowing works of ambiance.

Track List:
01.  No 1 – O Weisheit
02.  No 2 – O Adonai
03.  No 3 – O Spross aus Isais Wurzel
04.  No 4 – O Schlussel Davids
05.  No 5 – O Morgenstern
06.  No 6 – O Konig aller Volker
07.  No 7 – O Immanuel

Editor’s Note:
Originally released 26 June 2008, mam035 is now offered in lossless formats for the first time via Project: mam!restoration.

Released Date:
26 June 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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