mam034 – K. Wilhelm – Cold Shutter

Project: mam!restoration

Wonderful combination of electronic and acoustic sounds mixed with crushed drums.

Besides being the king of Prussia, K. Wilhelm is University of Wisconsin music education student Corey Murphy. Corey has a penchant for turning improvised recordings into crushingly stellar rhythms with clever piano breaks. Structure is a signature element of K. Wilhelm’s music – exciting and full of surprises – coherent in every step.

Corey also helps with mam!records.

Track List:
01.  Sunset (It’s Night)
02.  Don’t You Tell Me
03.  Start Soft / Take It Slow
04.  Oh My God
05.  Stare Into The Lights (Featuring The Belief-Action Nexus)
06.  Stay Now
07.  Chalk
08.  Gangster’s Paradise
09.  This Is How It Ends
10.  The Sound Of Sunrise (Instrumental)

Editor’s Note:
Originally released 14 September 2008, mam034 is now offered in lossless formats for the first time via Project: mam!restoration.

Released Date:
14 September 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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