mam019 – Waltz – Broken Candles

A little bit ambient, a little bit post-rock, Brandon DeHart’s project Waltz brings us Broken Candles. Walt’z work often feels like a soundtrack to a movie. Though there’s a variety of different techniques used from minimalist to complex beats, there is a definite sense of coherence in his work.

This is Waltz’s first release on mine, all mine! records.

Editor’s Note:
Originally self-released in 2006.

Track List:
01.  Broken Candles
02.  The Blue Clock
03.  The Castle on the Hill
04.  The Italian Lizards
05.  The Fence and the Baseball
06.  My First Memory
07.  We All Love the American
08.  Ulm
09.  The Gold Medal
10.  I Am a King

Released Date:
24 March 2008

Download Options:
MP3 (Direct)
MP3 (Torrent)


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