The Mouse Diaries: Part 1

Mouse Tour

This month, Myles Coyne is on the road with his buddies.  Bouncing around the country in their purple van – dubbed the “BREADMOBILE” – Myles is bringing us his Mouse Diaries.  Here, we present his unfiltered thoughts as Mr. Mouse travels out east and back.  Read on below, or click here to catch Myles on his tour.

Chapter I: The Windy City

So, here we go, a little journal straight from the front lines.  It’s November.  A Thursday.  After our “send off” show at Cactus Club, we headed off to Chicago for a more toned-back set at Uncommon Grounds.  It was a lovely start.  There was an audience (*sigh of relief*), and they were super attentive.  Before we played, our van-mate Steve took us to one of his favorite diners, Pick Me Up Café.  Good place with a choice jukebox.  Steve also took a moment to pump us a few last minute buttons!  The man is a machine, people!  I also picked up a few good books: Gertrude by Hermann Hesse, some Hemmingway, and a Charles Bukowski comic book from the ’80s.  Ecco Press, yo.  Legit Bukowski!

Uncommon Grounds

We stayed the night at a friend’s pad.  Lauren Stenzel.  After a few drinks, we hopped in a taxi and headed to some random goth bar.  It was awesome.  Lasers, guys in tutus, Tears For Fears, you name it.  My mind was immediately stuck on that South Park episode where the goth kids danced alone in their rooms.  But hell, I let loose and danced.  I danced my ass off.  We even bumped into our waiter from dinner.  Her hair was now blue.  Nice lady.  Also, Jack apparently got in a fight.  I don’t really know if that’s true or not.  Everyone has been drunkenly arguing about it since the scuffle.  Either way, it was an awesome first night.  You’re awesome, Chicago.  The Bears suck.

– Mouse

P.S. Shout out to Sam Pirruccello for coming and kicking it.  Love ya, brother!

Chapter II: The Sand Dunes of Lake Michigan

We awoke on the floor.  There was breakfast.  It was amazing.  Our hostess, Lauren, invited us to her place of work before we hit the road.  She works at Specimen Products.  They specialize in custom guitars, tube amplifiers, and speakers.  They’re most famously known for the spinning horns Andrew Bird uses for his live performances.  I was completely blown away by the craft and design that went into the creation of those machines.  Ian, the owner, with one of his guitars in hand, ran a small demonstration.  The mechanics are super bizarre, and they sound incredible.  The wacky shapes are gorgeous.  Super props to Lauren for the invite.

Sand Dunes

On the way to Lansing, we made a pit stop at Lake Michigan.  Steven’s idea.  Best one so far!  The park we went to was very large.  It was pretty much a sand desert.  It was beautiful.  We climbed a steep hill and started jumping off the sand dunes.  I think we were there for a few hours.  Truly amazing.  Half way through the day, and we already had a crazy adventure.  You can only hope for this kind of stuff months before when you’re booking a tour.  I never would have imagined then that we’d be doing any of this back when we were first talking about going on tour.  I’m having a blast.

Good show, as well.  We played with my good friends Joshua Barton & Seerstones.  I had met Joshua this summer at his show at Milwaukee Opry.  His project touches on darker folk tunes backed by ambient accompaniment.  Really pretty.  Eastern drones and killer harmonies.  It was really great to play with such a dope band.  Thank you, Joshua, for helping with booking the show, playing, and housing us.  You are true blue!

– Mouse

Chapter III: The True Meaning of “Red Dawn”

Here we are at day three.  I’m a little tired.  This chapter might suck.  I suggest you go read The Hobbit instead… Our first stop of the day was in Toledo, Ohio.  We did a live video session with Little Elephant Recording.  These guys run a studio where they record a ton of hardcore and indie bands.  They’ve done sessions for Mike Maimone of Mutts, and our boys in The Fatty Acids.  So hell, of course we have to stop on by!  They use the video series as a way to help promote the studio and the good vibes.  It was really fun.  Everyone there was super cool.  If you are ever on tour, hit these guys up and kick it with them.

After our sessions, we jetted off to Youngstown for a really sick show.  Our friend Rayne and her band, Small Mammals, set up the gig at this vintage clothing and record store, Greyland Gallery.  It was an amazing night!  These kids got all their friends to come.  Everyone we met was fucking rad.  They listened, they donated, they hung out!  Had no idea that we would be welcomed by such loving arms and so many cool peeps.  Props to Sights and Seers for letting us crash your party and your floor space.  Everyone in Youngstown is awesome.

Also, Steve had an awesome merch table idea!  Not only do we sell our buttons, but now you can make your own custom button at our stand, and Steve will assemble them for you right then and there.  And if you buy one of our patches, he’ll sew it on!  Probably the best idea ever for helping sell your merch.  People seem to love “hands on” ideas.  Great job, Steve!

– Mouse

love love greyland


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