Interview: Nona Invie of Anonymous Choir

Minneapolis’ Anonymous Choir is relatively new.  Lead by Dark Dark Dark‘s Nona Invie, the group performs entrancing and melodic pieces, with Invie’s voice ringing out over a welcoming female chorus.  You can stream some of Anonymous Choir’s work above (make sure to snag one of the limited edition cassettes there), and make sure to check out Anonymous Choir at the Olin Park Pavilion (Madison, WI) with Watercourse Quartet and Elephant Micah.  Read on below for our brief interview with Nina Invie, and find out exactly what Anonymous Choir is about.

MAM (John Praw): A lot of people who read this interview will be familiar with Dark Dark Dark, but that’s not what this interview is about.  What is Anonymous Choir?

AC (Nina Invie): Anonymous Choir is a group of women singing some of the best songs ever written.

MAM: How many people are in the choir?

AC: About 13.

MAM: Can you tell me a little bit about the group as a whole, or individually?

AC: Everyone has creative work they do outside of the project. Many of the choir members are involved with making an selling their crafts at

MAM: How has your past work influenced your work with Anonymous Choir?

AC: I love arranging songs in a simple way for piano and female voices. It’s so nice to strip it down to the minimum sound and build up crazy harmonies.

MAM: How did you get into performing?

AC: Just by playing and writing songs on the guitar and being encouraged to share them with others.

MAM: You seem to tour a lot – would you say that’s true?

AC: Sure is.

MAM: What draws you to touring?

AC: I love traveling and getting to know new cities. It’s amazing to play music for people all over the country.

MAM: What should we be looking forward to – either from Anonymous Choir, your other projects, or your friends?

AC: Dark Dark Dark is coming out with a new record in October. See you then!

MAM: Thanks, Nona!


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